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On Wednesday 20th October we are having a Spooky Wednesday! Come to school dressed either in your own clothes or in your favourite spooky outfit!... Breakfast Club and after School Forest club are now open to all children. Please contact the school office for more information.


On Wednesday the Prime Minister has announced that it will not be possible to resume face-to-face learning immediately after the February half-term and instead hopes it will be safe to commence the re-opening of schools and colleges from Monday 8th March. This is in response to the national public health data and pressure on NHS capacity.


If the Government achieves its target of vaccinating everyone in the four most vulnerable groups with their first dose by 15th February then those groups will have developed immunity from the virus around three weeks later, that is by 8th March. It is for this reason that we hope it will therefore be safe to commence the reopening of schools from Monday 8th March.


Education settings, as well as students, parents and carers will be given at least two weeks notice to prepare for a return to face-to- face education.