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School is open to all our children and staff... Please refer to the COVID-19 page of the school website and our “Plans for Full Reopening in March 2021” document... Breakfast Club and after School Forest club are now open to all children. Please contact the school office for more information.

PE and Sports Funding

PE and Sport Funding Grant


The government is providing funding for the academic year 2020/2021 to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. The funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on the provision of PE and sport.


The allocation for Downderry this academic year is £19,791. This money will allow the school to improve the opportunities and the delivery of PE and sport at Downderry. Improvements will be sustained through opportunities to support the professional development of staff and the training of pupils to lead sessions, improving skills and confidence. Strengthened collaboration and exit routes will also enable sustained improvements.


The allocation will be used to pay for or help subsidise the following:


1. Broaden Experiences of a Range of Sports and Activities Offered to All Pupils

  • The operation and maintenance of our on-site swimming pool. 

  • The employment of highly qualified ASA swimming coaches to teach swimming. 

  • Membership of the Tennis Foundation. 

  • Subject to Covid restrictions being lifted:
  • The purchase of tickets for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships for pupils.
  • Performing arts after school club opportunities (including a variety of dance and drama). The Lewisham Live dance festival at the Broadway Theatre (including rehearsal, performance costs and family ticket).
  • 5-a-Day TV (an online dance programme).
  • The provision of a variety of PE and sports equipment for lessons, playtimes and after school clubs, with the aim of increasing the variety and accessibility.
  • The provision of Primary Sports Leaders (including clothing and certificates) to enable children to become sports leaders.
  • Provision of fitness measuring equipment to facilitate monitoring of physical activity levels and to motivate children to increase their activity levels.
  • Mindfulness resources for use in class and PE lessons.
  • To purchase additional PE and Sports equipment for play/lunchtimes.


2. Increased Participation in Competitive Sport 

  • Entry fees to join the Lewisham inter-schools’ football league and cup competitions.
  • The employment of staff to manage teams at the Lewisham inter-schools’ football league and cup competitions.
  • The facilitation of attending intra-borough primary competitions.
  • The operation and maintenance of our school minibuses (to allow teams to attend PE and Sport events).
  • The purchase of kits for a variety of representative teams.
  • The purchase of spare PE kit for each year group.
  • Entry to Lewisham Schools’ Games Programme.


3. Increased Confidence, Knowledge and Skill of Staff in Teaching PE and Sport 

  • PE coordinators to attend courses to create lessons and schemes of work for classes.
  • Provision of equipment to facilitate differentiated PE sessions and the support to show how these can be used through schemes of work and videos.
  • Provision of Downderry PE kit for staff.