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Trying your Best Equals Success If you Believe you will Achieve

Trying your Best Equals Success
If you Believe you will Achieve

Pupil Wellbeing

Children's Mental Health Week

This year’s theme for Children’s Mental Health week is “My Voice Matters”. Children are encouraged to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them. We have added some useful resources below which are well worth a look!

How does our brain affect our emotions?

Did you know that our learning potential is maximised when we feel relaxed, calm and at ease? Our brain is made up of many different parts, each with a different function.

Click on this video to find out more about the parts of the brain that help us manage our emotions.

Is there really a guard dog in our head?

Did you know the ‘amygdala’ in our brain is just like a guard dog? It is there to let us know when we are in danger and help us to find a way to quickly escape the dangerous situation.

Sometimes, the guard dog can be a bit too noisy and this can stop the other parts of the brain from working. Click on this video to learn more about the guard dog and what exercises you can do to make sure you are keeping your mind happy and healthy.

Mindful breathing exercises

Here are some useful mindful breathing videos you can use to help you relax and develop positive mental health:

Meet Ollee – Your virtual friend


Stressed about school? Ollee can help with that!


Frustrated by your family? Ollee can help with that too!


In fact Ollee can help with lots of things – it’s the virtual friend you can always rely on.


Try Ollee today :



What is Ollee?

  • Ollee is a new app to help children aged 8-11 with their emotional wellbeing.
  • You can tell Ollee how you’re feeling about lots of different things – for instance school, your family, friends and your body – then Ollee will give you advice about it.
  • Your parents and other trusted adults can also get advice from it – and you can easily share that advice with each other either just by pressing a button.


For more information go to:


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