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Trying your Best Equals Success If you Believe you will Achieve

Trying your Best Equals Success
If you Believe you will Achieve

Points of View

March 2024- Kings College Hospital- Dental Health Visit

Just to say very many thanks to all at Downderry for your help with the dental visit. I saw the team and they were full of praise for the support they received - and how great the children were.


The results of this programme should be out this time next year and will be used to help plan  local and national treatment policy.


Many thanks again - your help is very much appreciated


bw Anna Jardine
Senior Dental Officer
Community Special Care Dentistry
King's College Hospital

February 2024

It is always a pleasure to visit your lovely school. I am fortunate and privileged in my role to visit many schools in many areas. Your school is always so impressive, the conduct of the pupils is outstanding. 

Chris Giles

Fire Consultant

Parent Workshop, Phonics 2024

"Thank you so much for organising a parent workshop on Phonics this week. I would like to sincerely thank Miss Bryan for the fun and engaging workshop and for sharing lots of wonderful tips about how we can support our children at home.


As non-native English speakers I have found it extremely helpful and I feel more confident now supporting my child at home with regards to phonics.


We feel very lucky to have a teacher with such enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for education."

- Year 1 Parent


"Thank you for hosting me for the past three days at Downderry Primary School. It has been a real pleasure meeting you and the Year 6 pupils. It has been a fantastic experience."

- Bonus Pastor Teacher



"We just wanted to say thank you very much for accepting our children into Downderry. They have both settled in very well given the unsettling 12 months that they have both had! Both your and your staff's help and support has been very appreciated, thank you!"

- Parent



"Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping out. The girls have missed going to school and I'm glad that they don't have to miss anymore."

- Parent


Bird Box Project 2020


"I’ve been following your school’s blue tit box from afar - during lockdown. It has been fascinating - a joy and a privilege to be able to see into their world.  To have four healthy chicks fledge this morning - is the end of the story.  So - thank you."


Parent Partnership Workshops

Parent Workshop - English, September 2018


Very happy with the progress and stories I hear from my daughter about the fun she has at nursery.

- Nursery parent


Downderry is doing very well already in terms of holding these workshops.  Please keep doing this regularly as it helps us massively.

- Year 2 parent



The session was informative.  It will help me support my child better at home.

- Year 5 parent

"We taught year 5 Fire safety and 100% first class behaviour" Thank you.


Jason & Annabelle, London Fire Brigade

As part of our partnership with local universities, Downderry hosted a professional development day,  to support post graduate students at Greenwich University:


‘Downderry was amazing. The children were so polite and lovely and that can only come from having a strong and consistent staff team, which leads me to believe that they support each other well and leadership really care about their staff. I would like to work in a school like that.’


Thank you for the on-going support of the partnership.

Target Setting Tea


"This is a wonderful way to celebrate our children's achievements. Well done to the teachers at Downderry, children will definitely be motivated to work hard at all times"

- Year 4 parent


"Lovely Way to celebrate our children's goals. Downderry is a very good example of school. Well done!"

- Year 5 parent


"A wonderful day. We really appreciate all the effort from Downderry to motivate children, Thank you"

- Parent

Points of View from our Parents


I am glad that my children are making significant progress in the school. Thanks to the wonderful teachers and heads of school. I sincerely appreciate your effort with the Parent Learning sessions.

- Seyi Ogunfuye



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