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On Wednesday 20th October we are having a Spooky Wednesday! Come to school dressed either in your own clothes or in your favourite spooky outfit!... Breakfast Club and after School Forest club are now open to all children. Please contact the school office for more information.


For STEM week, the theme was ‘Innovating for the Future’. Children learned about insects and were inspired to design a "Robo-bug" to help with challenges faced in the world now and in future.


Each class awarded a prize to the best designer. The winners were:


Jonea Mulberry For a fantastic robot that cleans up the rubbish. She designed and made her robot and had a good understanding of why we need to protect the planet.
Harper Apple For some fantastic models made ftom recyling. she made an instrument and a robot independently.
Charlie C  Chestnut   For having some amazing ideas and working as a team player, when creating the Robo-Bug for his group.
Charlie Z  Beech For being incredible during STEM week. He has been super inventive with his ideas for creating our Robo-Bugs and worked really well in his team to create his model. He even remembered what the letters for STEM stand for! Well done!
Jack B Oak For being so enthusiastic during STEM week and for contributing such amazing ideas when designing our fire fighting Robo-Bugs!
Miles Rowan For being so engaged and enthusiastic during STEM week. He produced amazing sketches, has was super inventive with his ideas for creating our firefighting Robo-Bugs and worked really well in his team to create his clay model. Well done!
Jadion Elm For being creative, supportive to others and hard-working during STEM week.    
Shajani Willow For being super creative this week, paying attention to every detail and also working really well as part of a team!
Ruby Ash  
Harry Sycamore  
Shiroshan Maple For embracing the week with positivity and creating a detailed and thoughtful design.
Khira Palm For having such an amazing attitude to STEM week. You had great ideas and focussed well.
Gabriel Cherry For having such amazing ideas - Well Done!
Yann Holly For creating a game on Scratch, linked to our topic - and even going home and finding ways to improve it over the weekend.
Hareena Hazel For showing great interest in our STEM topic for the week and completing our work around it thoroughly and carefully.
Sarushan Hawthorn For working incredibly hard with his team to create a game on Scratch highlighting how our nanotechnology would work to help fight the coronavirus in humans.