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On Wednesday 20th October we are having a Spooky Wednesday! Come to school dressed either in your own clothes or in your favourite spooky outfit!... Breakfast Club and after School Forest club are now open to all children. Please contact the school office for more information.

School Council's campaign for a cleaner and greener area

At the beginning of the year, school council were invited to join the mayor at his office in Catford for a meet and greet with a question and answer session. Justin, a school prefect in year 6, spoke to the mayor about local and surrounding areas, voicing his concerns regarding the amount of rubbish, littering and fly tipping. 


A few weeks after the visit, the pavement outside our school gates was extended and widened to allow more room for parents and families. The green areas around our school were also tidied and cleaned. 


Year 6 then began a project to help continue the campaign for a cleaner and greener area around our school. They took pictures, posted leaflets and wrote another letter to the mayor. 


In September of this year, even more work was done to our surrounding area, planting of trees and renovating of grassed areas. We are very proud of the impact our pupils have made by the power of their voice.