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Trying your Best Equals Success If you Believe you will Achieve

Trying your Best Equals Success
If you Believe you will Achieve

Flu Vaccination

The annual flu vaccination will be offered at Downderry on Wednesday 10th November. We are now inviting parents/guardians to register your consent for the flu vaccination via a secure on-line link that you can use to register consent for your child to be vaccinated at school. The process is quick and easy to use.


Please click on this link to access the eConsent:


Here’s a video on how the eConsent portal works


Flu can be an unpleasant illness and can cause serious complications. Vaccinating your child will help to protect them from getting the flu, and prevent it spreading among more vulnerable family and friends. With COVID-19 in circulation it is more important than ever to reduce the number of people becoming ill with flu this winter to help protect them and the NHS.


The vaccination is free and in most cases is a quick and simple spray up the nose offered to children from Reception up to Year 11. Even if your child had it last year, the type of flu can vary each winter, so it is recommended to have the flu vaccine again this year or they won’t be protected. The healthcare team and school will follow guidelines to ensure your child is safe from COVID-19 while getting the vaccine.


Please contact the Lewisham School Health Immunisation Team at the Downham Health and Leisure Centre on 0203 049 1897 or if you require any further assistance.



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