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Trying your Best Equals Success If you Believe you will Achieve

Trying your Best Equals Success
If you Believe you will Achieve

Black History Week2

Black History Week 2022

'Proud To Be Me'

What an inspirational Black History Week we all had! This year's overarching theme was 'Actions not Words' incorporating the theme 'Proud To Be Me' through some poignant stories.


The children focused their learning on the achievements of black individuals through history; individuals who have made a change to society through their actions. The children have produced some very informative fact-files about their significant person, as well as some lovely art work inspired by the books ‘The Proudest Blue’ and ‘Sulwe’.


Reception focused their learning on Madam CJ Walker and read the book ’The Mega Magic Hair Swap’, the children went on to create their own mega magic hair, thinking about what makes them special and even creating their own hair grower in the water tray, just like Madam CJ Walker herself! Take a look at some of the work the children have produced.


Early Years

Book focus: Mega Magic Hairwsap
Inspirational person: Madam CJ Walker

Year 1

Book focus: I am Enough
Inspirational person: Floella Benjamin

Year 2

Book focus: I am Enough
Inspirational person: Mary Seacole

Year 3 & 4

Book focus: Sulwe
Inspirational person: Claudia Jones


Year 5 & 6

Book focus: The Proudest Blue
Inspirational person: Walter Tull 




Black History Week 2021

We focused on inspirational people from a Black and Brown background who have overcome challenges to achieve their dreams and to inspire others.


We had great discussions, activities and visitors to celebrate these heroes and thought about what makes us proud.


Have a look at our fantastic work to find out more...


What our children said about Black History Week.


"Martin Luther was brave, he fought for equal rights and stood up to racism"

- year 2


"It taught us to not just be kind to our own colour, but to everyone"

- Janelle, year 6


"Treat everybody equally, regardless of skin colour"

- Isla, year 4

A Parents Guide to Black Lives Matter

Click the image below for a useful Parent’s Guide to Black Live Matter. Offering resources, activities and tips for families to empower our children to work towards racial equality. A copy of the guide is available for reference in the PTA Hub by the Key Stage 1 entrance.



Some of our recommendations are: 

Websites: page 23: Your kids aren’t too young to talk about race, page 24: 100 Great Black Britons

Podcast: page 25 Life Kit: Parents. Talking Race with young children About Race

Films: Queen Katwe (PG), The Princess and the Frog (PG)


Black History Week 2020

Claudia Jones

Mary Seacole

A Documentary about Mary Seacole, by Year 2

Still image for this video

Ruby Bridges

Walter Tull


We’ve had 3 1 9 1 3 3 visitors