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Year 6



Hawthorn Class - Mr Phillips

Holly Class - Mrs Harvey

Hazel Class - Mr Lewis


Our topic this term is 'Mysteries and Disasters Around The World'.


We give out homework daily, usually grammar on Monday and Friday, and Maths on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Children are also expected to read every day.



Year 6 have P.E. on Thursday


Children need to wear black shorts, a red t-shirt and a pair of plimsolls or trainers. Please ensure your child has no earrings in and that long hair is tied back on this day.


Please ensure your child's name is on all items of clothing.


Spellings :

Spellings will be given out every term as a whole list. Children will be tested on a random selection of those words every week.


Year 6 Suggested Reading List

Year 6 Trip to Chislehurst Caves

Year 6 Trip to Chislehurst Caves 1
Year 6 Trip to Chislehurst Caves 2

Black History Week 2017

Last Year's Amazing Work

International Week

International Week 1 For International Week, we learnt about Fairtrade.
International Week 2 We designed our own boardgames...
International Week 3 to teach others about Fairtrade.


STEM Week 1 For STEM Week, Year 6 recreated the water cycle
STEM Week 2 We also had to make a protective suit...
STEM Week 3 protect a boiled egg which was going to be..
STEM Week 4 ...dropped from a height. Winner gets a prize!

Mysteries and Disasters - The Titanic

Mysteries and Disasters - The Titanic 1 Titanic themed maths - how fast do we travel?

Christmas Baking

Christmas Baking 1 Can you guess what we made from our ingredients?
Christmas Baking 2 It was fun experimenting with black treacle
Christmas Baking 3 The rind of a satsuma gave us added texture

Roald Dahl Day 2016

Roald Dahl Day 2016 1
Roald Dahl Day 2016 2
Roald Dahl Day 2016 3
Roald Dahl Day 2016 4
Roald Dahl Day 2016 5

Spring displays

Spring displays 1 Hawthorn Class


Easter 1 Egg decorating competition
Easter 2 Look at our lovely, original designs
Easter 3 Piggy
Easter 4 Clown
Easter 5 Sparkles
Easter 6 Arty lady


Volcanoes  1 We made the Earth using Play-Doh.
Volcanoes  2 We labelled the layers of the Earth.