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School closes for half term on Friday 25th May at the usual time, Monday 4th June & Tuesday 5th June are staff INSET, children return to school on Wednesday 6th June...

Points of View

Target Setting Tea


"This is a wonderful way to celebrate our children's achievemnets. Well done to the teachers at Downderry, children will definetly be motivated to work hard at all times"

- Year 4 parent


"Lovely Way to celebrate our childrens goals. Downderry is a very good example of school. Well done!"

- Year 5 parent


"A wonderful day. We really appreciate all the effort from Downderry to motivate children, Thank you"

- Parent

Parent Partnership Workshops

Parent Partnership Workshops 1
Parent Partnership Workshops 2
Parent Partnership Workshops 3

"The session was interactive. It was awesome!"

- Year 3 parent


"Great to work with my child in the school environment. Thanks,"

- Year 2 parent


"This workshop is very useful. The Teaching method is very easy to understand,"

- Year 4 parent


"We taught year 5 Fire safety and 100% first class behaviour" Thank you. Jason & Annabelle, London Fire Brigade

As part of our partnership with local universities, Downderry hosted a professional development day,  to supportpost graduate students at Greenwich University:


‘Downderry was amazing. The children were so polite and lovely and that can only come from having a strong and consistent staff team, which leads me to believe that they support each other well and leadership really care about their staff. I would like to work in a school like that.’


Thank you for the on-going support of the partnership.

Target setting tea, January 2017

Target setting tea, January 2017 1
Target setting tea, January 2017 2
Target setting tea, January 2017 3

“I feel proud of Hannah’s achievement. Target Setting Tea is a wonderful idea that would inspire and motivate her to do better.”

- Parent of Year 1 pupil


“Well planned and managed. Well done to kids and teachers for this wonderful opportunity.”

- Parent of Year 4 pupil

Points of View from our Parents


I am glad that my children are making significant progress in the school. Thanks to the wonderful teachers and heads of school. I sincerely appreciate your effort with the Parent Learning sessions.

- Seyi Ogunfuye


Parent Learning Workshop - Maths, October 2015



  • The session was quite informative and I enjoyed the hands on activities with my daughter
  • Every thing was very good. Teaching methods are wonderful, keep going
  • Thank you for hosting this session



  • Workshops are really good so parents can see how the children are taught
  • It’s really good to come into the classroom and see how subjects are taught
  • Very happy with the different activities available in class that incorporate maths into learning
  • As usual, impressed with the teachers


Year 1:

  • It was useful seeing how the school teaches maths


Year 2:

  • Thanks a lot for the sessions!
  • Excellent session – very useful
  • Impressed with the teacher methods


Year 3:

  • Teacher was charmingly enthusiastic!
  • As a whole, it was a prolific session. It showed how maths could be really fun and enjoyable.
  • Aiden commented on the ‘jolly good teacher’ holding the session. My first one attended and I found it helpful to assist with homework
  • Excellent that the school provide these workshops to educate parents as to the methods of teaching within the classroom


Year 4:

  • Thank you Mr Phillips who explained very clear
  • Workshops are good to see how children are taught now, because methods have changed
  • Thank you for today, I enjoyed the session with my son


Year 5 & 6:

  • Thank you Mr Lewis & Mr Ruffer
  • Very informative
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Picture 2
Picture 3

Parent Learning Workshop - English, September 2015



  • Thank you for holding such a workshop
  • I was very happy with the workshop – it was very interesting.
  • Well done – I enjoyed the session
  • Well done guys!  Workshop was very useful.  I look forward from you in future for more workshops.
  • Insightful



  • This was very useful and it could be good to have more and regular similar sessions.
  • The workshops are a great way for parents to see how the children learn in school.
  • Very informative
  • Very impressed by both Reception teachers


Year 2:

  • Thanks for the session. It will help us assist the children at home better.
  • I enjoy coming to the sessions to see how my child works/learns at school.
  • Please continue with the workshop sessions , the relationship that’s needed developing trust and communication with the school and home.


Year 3:

  • It was useful to help my child in their big writing.


Year 4:

  • Very good session, we should have more parents attending!!
  • Workshops are a great idea for parents to see what happens in school.


Year 5:

  • The session was very useful in me helping my child at home.
  • I find this workshop very useful and I will use the teacher’s advice everyday!
  • Thank you, I enjoyed this!

Comments from Target Setting Tea - January 2015


“This is a fantastic way of inspiring kids to do well.  Praises to all the staff” - Admire Kamara


“ Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to celebrate our child’s achievement.  Well done to all the staff and children!” - Lucinda Himeur

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Comments from Maths Parents Learning week workshops - November 2014


"The teaching is creative and interesting"


"It will help me to improve my child's maths"


"It showed me things that I didn't know but that my child does know!"


"Very useful. I like coming in to school to see how my child learns so that I can support him at home." - Natasha


"Very useful insight into the lessons and tips on how to support my daughter at home." - Michele


"Helpful to understand children's goals for year one at home." - Marie


"Very helpful lessons." - Kierujaa

Comments from Parent Learning Workshop - English, October 2014


Brilliant session!  I’m really pleased with the way you teach the kids, well done!’ - Reception 


‘We had a valuable time and it was very useful to help my child learning in future.’ - Year 2


‘I think these workshops are such a good idea as it gives parents knowledge and understanding of how the children are learning in class.’ - Year 3

Year 5 School Journey to Swanage, September 2014


@downderryschool 'Thanks for looking after Alex, he's not stopped talking about all the activities and had a great time' @MissCherieK via Twitter  

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