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Class Parties - Tuesday 17th July, party clothes can be worn all day... There will be no swimming or After School Activities next week. Sessions will start again in September... Breakfast Club is available for all pupils from 7.45am, £2 per morning, last service is at 8:00am... Follow us on Twitter @dowdnerryschool...

Points of View

Target Setting Tea


"This is a wonderful way to celebrate our children's achievemnets. Well done to the teachers at Downderry, children will definetly be motivated to work hard at all times"

- Year 4 parent


"Lovely Way to celebrate our childrens goals. Downderry is a very good example of school. Well done!"

- Year 5 parent


"A wonderful day. We really appreciate all the effort from Downderry to motivate children, Thank you"

- Parent

Parent Partnership Workshops

Parent Partnership Workshops 1
Parent Partnership Workshops 2
Parent Partnership Workshops 3

"The session was interactive. It was awesome!"

- Year 3 parent


"Great to work with my child in the school environment. Thanks,"

- Year 2 parent


"This workshop is very useful. The Teaching method is very easy to understand,"

- Year 4 parent


"We taught year 5 Fire safety and 100% first class behaviour" Thank you. Jason & Annabelle, London Fire Brigade

As part of our partnership with local universities, Downderry hosted a professional development day,  to supportpost graduate students at Greenwich University:


‘Downderry was amazing. The children were so polite and lovely and that can only come from having a strong and consistent staff team, which leads me to believe that they support each other well and leadership really care about their staff. I would like to work in a school like that.’


Thank you for the on-going support of the partnership.

Target setting tea, January 2017

Target setting tea, January 2017 1
Target setting tea, January 2017 2
Target setting tea, January 2017 3

“I feel proud of Hannah’s achievement. Target Setting Tea is a wonderful idea that would inspire and motivate her to do better.”

- Parent of Year 1 pupil


“Well planned and managed. Well done to kids and teachers for this wonderful opportunity.”

- Parent of Year 4 pupil

Points of View from our Parents


I am glad that my children are making significant progress in the school. Thanks to the wonderful teachers and heads of school. I sincerely appreciate your effort with the Parent Learning sessions.

- Seyi Ogunfuye


Parent Learning Workshop - Maths, October 2015



  • The session was quite informative and I enjoyed the hands on activities with my daughter
  • Every thing was very good. Teaching methods are wonderful, keep going
  • Thank you for hosting this session



  • Workshops are really good so parents can see how the children are taught
  • It’s really good to come into the classroom and see how subjects are taught
  • Very happy with the different activities available in class that incorporate maths into learning
  • As usual, impressed with the teachers


Year 1:

  • It was useful seeing how the school teaches maths


Year 2:

  • Thanks a lot for the sessions!
  • Excellent session – very useful
  • Impressed with the teacher methods


Year 3:

  • Teacher was charmingly enthusiastic!
  • As a whole, it was a prolific session. It showed how maths could be really fun and enjoyable.
  • Aiden commented on the ‘jolly good teacher’ holding the session. My first one attended and I found it helpful to assist with homework
  • Excellent that the school provide these workshops to educate parents as to the methods of teaching within the classroom


Year 4:

  • Thank you Mr Phillips who explained very clear
  • Workshops are good to see how children are taught now, because methods have changed
  • Thank you for today, I enjoyed the session with my son


Year 5 & 6:

  • Thank you Mr Lewis & Mr Ruffer
  • Very informative
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Picture 2
Picture 3

Parent Learning Workshop - English, September 2015



  • Thank you for holding such a workshop
  • I was very happy with the workshop – it was very interesting.
  • Well done – I enjoyed the session
  • Well done guys!  Workshop was very useful.  I look forward from you in future for more workshops.
  • Insightful



  • This was very useful and it could be good to have more and regular similar sessions.
  • The workshops are a great way for parents to see how the children learn in school.
  • Very informative
  • Very impressed by both Reception teachers


Year 2:

  • Thanks for the session. It will help us assist the children at home better.
  • I enjoy coming to the sessions to see how my child works/learns at school.
  • Please continue with the workshop sessions , the relationship that’s needed developing trust and communication with the school and home.


Year 3:

  • It was useful to help my child in their big writing.


Year 4:

  • Very good session, we should have more parents attending!!
  • Workshops are a great idea for parents to see what happens in school.


Year 5:

  • The session was very useful in me helping my child at home.
  • I find this workshop very useful and I will use the teacher’s advice everyday!
  • Thank you, I enjoyed this!

Comments from Target Setting Tea - January 2015


“This is a fantastic way of inspiring kids to do well.  Praises to all the staff” - Admire Kamara


“ Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to celebrate our child’s achievement.  Well done to all the staff and children!” - Lucinda Himeur

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Picture 2
Picture 3

Comments from Maths Parents Learning week workshops - November 2014


"The teaching is creative and interesting"


"It will help me to improve my child's maths"


"It showed me things that I didn't know but that my child does know!"


"Very useful. I like coming in to school to see how my child learns so that I can support him at home." - Natasha


"Very useful insight into the lessons and tips on how to support my daughter at home." - Michele


"Helpful to understand children's goals for year one at home." - Marie


"Very helpful lessons." - Kierujaa

Comments from Parent Learning Workshop - English, October 2014


Brilliant session!  I’m really pleased with the way you teach the kids, well done!’ - Reception 


‘We had a valuable time and it was very useful to help my child learning in future.’ - Year 2


‘I think these workshops are such a good idea as it gives parents knowledge and understanding of how the children are learning in class.’ - Year 3

Year 5 School Journey to Swanage, September 2014


@downderryschool 'Thanks for looking after Alex, he's not stopped talking about all the activities and had a great time' @MissCherieK via Twitter  

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