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We have successfully welcomed back our Year 6, Year 1, Reception, and this week our Years 3 & 4 children... On Monday 29th June we welcome back children in Year 2 & 5, teachers have contacted their classes to assign days children are invited to come in... The school will remain contactable from 8am-3:30pm Monday to Friday...


Know Your Emotions

Morgan explains emotions, how we can measure emotions, and three things we should remember when talking about emotions.

How to Cope with Anxiety | Childline

Do you feel worried or anxious about things? Here is information about the signs of anxiety, why you feel nervous and what you can do.

100 Kids Tell Us What Makes Them Happy - What makes you happy?

Everyone is different and what makes you happy is individual to you but sometimes we like the same things! Have a think about what makes you happy and brings joy to your life. Is it similar to someone in this video?