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Downderry Christmas Fair - Friday 7th December 3:15-4:00pm... Tickets are now on sale for Christmas Productions - EY Tuesday 11th December, KS1 Wednesday 12th December... Swimming Lesson will finish for this term on Thursday 6th December and restart on Monday 7th January... Children will break for Christmas on Thursday 20th December at 1:30pm... Follow us on Twitter @downderryschool...

Key Information


Downderry is a friendly and caring school of 515 pupils, from ages 3 (nursery) to 11 (Year 6), plus 52 teachers and support staff.

We teach all the key subjects - our curriculum - to high standards and we also provide exciting opportunities outside the curriculum, like school clubs and school meals.


Downderry has a disability equality duty that applies to all disabled pupils, staff and those using services provided by the school.

We are a central part of the lively, diverse community of this area, with its people and languages from around the world.

Our pupils and teachers use many languages and they come from all sorts of backgrounds. We know and respect the cultures and faiths from which they are drawn. We have no religious affiliations and celebrate all.

We also help children and their parents with their English. In fact, our doors are always open to parents as well as children and we work with many other local organisations to help and improve our community.

Downderry is a place where your children can feel safe, confident and valued and you can be you can feel a real sense of belonging. It's like a family.


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School Policies

Hard copies of policies are available, free of charge, upon request from the school office.